Artist David Horne’s original works of sculptural art as well as garden art can be created on a commission basis. He works with metals and stone installations.

Sculptures from the artist’s existing collections are available for purchase and can be viewed in the gallery.  Please contact the artist for more details.


David C. Horne Biography

Bachelor of Fine Art, 1981, Swain School of Design, New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Artwork ranges in scope from modern, conceptual installations to traditional illustration.

Large scale sculpture promotes the belief that  the “ industrial art” aesthete should reflect materials and techniques associated with the construction trades that is vocational in nature to traditional, academic materials and techniques.

Welded steel, electrically powered kinetics, as well as pen and ink and “en pleine aire” watercolor painting all have a place in the creation of the works of art.

Awards and Exhibits


2015 Monadnock Area Arts Association, Keene, New Hampshire

2008 New Bedford, Massachusetts First Night Ice Sculpture Display

1999 New Bedford, Massachusetts First Night Sculpture Display

1991 New Bedford Art Association calendar illustration and exhibit

1988 General Dynamics Award Recipient Logo Design Contest

Works of original art are available by commission. Academic renderings of real estate are painted onsite, almost anytime of year. The cost is typically $250.00 dollars for an original work. The paintings are watercolor on paper, although pen and ink or pencil drawings can be used if requested. The paintings are approximately one square foot or smaller. Digital copies would also be provided.
Commissioned works of sculpture and garden art are priced individually.  Existing work are available for sale as well as custom built art.  Each piece can be build to spec and installed based on a client’s design.


To contact the artist:

Call: 774-328-0714

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Original works of art are available for purchase directly through the artist.

View all artwork available for reprints as well as for sale at the Gallery.

Packages of note cards prints of the “New England Dance Hall” series are available for purchase. Please contact the artist.


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